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The Artist / Owner

And it all started with my father who was in love with glass and he showed me secrets of this unique work.I spent hours on observing the metallurgist's work which confirmed that I want to create in glass.From an early age the glass has become a passion,my obsession...

I bagan artistic education in high school art which was located in Miejsce Piastowe.Under the guidance of teachers I practiced my skills manual.My mother also took care of my education,she encouraged me to read books,she devoted a lot of times for me.I grew up in love and understanding of art. The next step was the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Department of Ceramics and Glass. During the study in every free moment I returned to Krosno, where as a student I was having my own practice in glassworks "Józefina". Time spent in the glasswork was actually used. Unfortunately, the book does not teach what-practice teach.My thesis-vase in grall technology I have made in the glass cathedral, under the direction of prof.Zbigniew Horbowy.

After graduation I coolaborated in glasswork "Józefina" and "Deco Glass" and economic glasswork in Inowrocław-"Irena",for which I designed utility glass. Since childhood, my dream was to make the unique work. In 1997, I have opened my art glass studio. I design and manufacture unique glass pieces: sculpture, paintings, decorations,all made in fusing techniques.

Since 2009 our offer is also directed to clients in advertising-we design and manufakture glass, unique statuettes,advertising gadgetes,decorative items.Glass sculptures decotrate now business offices and private lounges.In every detail I try to take care of professionalism,reliability,quality and originality. Unique works are in many galleries-not only in Polish. The works were also in the collection of The Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, USA.